Updated: Jun 29, 2020

During my devotion, this morning I was reading in Acts 2 how the disciples had to be in the right posture to receive the Holy Spirit. They were willing, ready, and expectant for the Spirit to give them everything they would need to walk out the life that Jesus had called them to. How is your posture?

Physically a good posture refers to the three natural curves that are present in a healthy spine – neck region, upper back, and lower back.

When you are walking in purpose, you collide with destiny.” – Chris Widener

In Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary Ideal posture indicates "proper alignment of the body’s segments such that the least amount of energy is required to maintain a desired position. The benefit of achieving this ideal position would be that the least amount of stress is placed on the body’s tissues. In this position, a person is able to completely and optimally attain balance and proportion of his or her body mass and framework, based on his or her physical limitations. Good posture optimizes breathing and affects the circulation of bodily fluids." When your body is out of alignment you are not able to move and function at full capacity. Likewise, if you are not mentally and spiritually in proper posture and alignment you are not able to fully walk into the plan and purpose God has for your life. I remember when I was in school, once a year we had a scoliosis screening. We had to bend over, and the doctor ran his hand down our spine to see if it was in proper alignment. Let us do a purpose posture screening to see if we are in the right alignment to walk in the full purpose for our lives.

· Willing to receive. As a giver, it is hard for me to sometimes receive gifts. I get the biggest kick and joy out giving gifts, but what I have had to learn is I am just as worthy to receive the gifts as the people that I give them to. As great as some of the gifts I have given are, nothing can beat a God-given gift. God loves us and has a plan and a purpose for our life, but we must be willing to receive it.

· Ready to do the work. Faith without works is dead. I can be given tons of gifts for my birthday, but I must lift out my arms to receive the gifts. I must move my hands and fingers to open the gifts or remove it from its package. For me to fully enjoy the gifts that are given to me I must take some sort of action. Whatever gifts God has given you, there is some sort of action that you must take to fully enjoy the gifts.

· Expect God’s word to be fulfilled in your life. He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Phil 1:6). No matter how things may look, no matter what stumbling blocks you may come across during your journey, expect that the gifts and purpose God has for your life will come to pass.

As you continue your journey to fulfill God’s purpose for your life remember to take a pause and do posture check to make sure you are in proper alignment.

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